ODE Nation: What are Open Digital Ecosystems?

Subhashish Bhadra | 7 October 2021

“This short explainer by Omidyar Network India’s Subhashish Bhadra is a masterclass in understanding ODEs. Through his talk, he covers a gamut of ideas, engaging with the idea of ODEs to describe the ‘what’ and ‘why’ behind shared digital public infrastructure.

Subhashish highlights that “ODEs are set to transform the social and economic lives of Indians. It is therefore important that the boldness of our vision is matched by the thoughtfulness that we put into it to minimize the risks.”

So, what is the ODE approach? What are some examples of ODEs across the world? And if you are interested in starting your ODE journey, where should you begin? Watch the video to learn more! And read the flagship ‘Building Digital Highways’ report (mentioned in the conversation) here.”