GTS 2021: A recap

| 4 May 2022

At the Global Tech Summit 2021, organised by Carnegie India, a panel moderated by Varad Pande titled ‘The Next Frontiers of Open Digital Ecosystems’ sought to understand the evolving global narratives around ODEs as well as the opportunities and challenges that practitioners could face. The following timestamps mark the key themes explored:

[6:40 – 10:40] Pramod Varma, Chief Architect Aadhar & India Stack and Co-founder, walks us through the key lessons from India’s experience with building digital public infrastructure.

[10:45 – 18:35]: Urvashi Aneja, Director at Digital Futures Lab discusses the importance of the governance layer and institutions in ensuring data privacy.

[18:45 – 27:00] Robert Karanja, Director, Responsible Technology & Africa Lead, Omidyar Network, highlights where the discussion on digital public infrastructure is in Africa and what efforts would lead to its success.

[28:00 – 34:50] Keyzom Ngodup Massally, Senior Advisor, Chief Digital Office, UNDP discusses the role the international community can play in bridging the gap between imagining ODEs and implementing them on ground.