ODE Updates: Volume VIII

| 1 July 2022
  • Global leaders committed to implement and fund DPIs and DPGs through a newly established Digital Public Goods Charter. India has also pledged to join and make available UPI as a global DPG for implementation in other countries.
  • The Ministry of Electronics and IT recently launched the National Data Governance Framework Policy for public consultation. This article by Monisha Purwar, Quality Council India, analyzes the framework and applicability of the revised policy.
  • Priya Vora, Digital Impact Alliance, examines whether data is becoming the 21st century’s resource curse. She argues that the focus has been on ‘digitizing’ to transform service delivery for decades, but there is now a need to turn our focus back on people.
  • Meeta Ramnani, in this explainer article titled ‘Can we and should we have fully open APIs?’ argues that while open APIs have tremendous potential, they still face challenges in terms of security, uncertainty, and vulnerability of the third-party apps using them.
  • This Brookings Report by Frank Nagle, Harvard Business School highlights the role played by FOSS in building digital infrastructure and argues for government investment and regulation to ensure the future health, security, and growth of the FOSS ecosystem.