#decODEconversations: Episode 4

| 7 November 2021

In a discussion wirh Vyjyanti T Desai, Practice Manager ID4D & G2Px at The World Bank Group, and CV Madhukar, Digital ID expert and Former Managing Director at Omidyar Network,  we learn about the journey from digital ID systems to Open Digital Ecosystems (ODEs). The conversation explores the fascinating road traversed by digital transformations across the world, and what lies ahead in this space in the future. 

The conversation delves into the following themes (with time stamps):

  • [05.00-14.36] — 1.0: Exploring the origins of foundational ID system
  • [14.37-23.40] — 2.0: Building services ‘on top of’ foundational ID systems
  • [23.41-40.28] — 3.0: Proliferating digital building blocks through the ODE approach
  • [40.29-47.25] — A Wishlist for 2030 – the year to achieve the SDGs

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Episode Tags

Foundational ID; Digital IDs; SDG Agenda 2030;  Building blocks; Open Digital Ecosystems; Interoperability; Global standards

Questions to reflect upon

— What, according to you, has been the most transformational part of this journey? What are the things required to achieve SDG target 16.9 “ID for all”?

— What parts of the conversation did you find yourself agreeing with, and why?

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