Code4GovTech Finale

| 15 September 2022

This year’s C4GT program offered students the opportunity to work on live open-source projects to solve governance challenges, with 1:1 mentorship from experienced practitioners in leading GovTech organizations. 

Supported by Omidyar Network India, with Samagra as the organizing partner and five mentoring partners: SamagraX, Postman, Tekdi Technologies, Sanketika and MUI – this year, C4GT received over 300 applications from students across 57 engineering colleges. From these, 13 students were selected as official Code for GovTech contributors!

This year’s cohort worked on a range of exciting GovTech issues, with projects that leveraged the power of open-source technologies to improve India’s public education system, streamline government workflows and create citizen-centric governance processes. Here we share some of the unique solutions that were showcased in this year’s program:

Shiksha makes highly configurable modules interoperable and compliant with NDEAR principles that can be embedded and extended easily by developers and help improve end-user experiences in public education. They will help state governments become NDEAR compliant.

X-Admin is a low-code framework that seeks to create internal admin tools for more efficient governance. X-Admin aims to build next-generation electronic registries and verifiable credentials.

Machine Learning: 
The machine learning platform allows anyone to train models from data sets, experiment between different models, and monitor production performance to improve government data use. 

To find out about other C4GT projects, check out their website & GitHub pages!