Sowing the seeds of an Agri Open Digital Ecosystem (ODE)

Varad Pande | 19 September 2021

“Dear Reader,

In the third edition of the decODE newsletter, we delve into the question: “Can an ‘Open Digital Ecosystem’ (ODE) approach transform agriculture and improve the livelihoods of India’s small farmers?”

India is a land of the small farmer, with 86% farmers owning less than two hectares of land. If there is one space where the power of ‘digital’ to drive inclusion will be truly tested, it is agriculture, and a plethora of tech-led agri startups are beginning to create impact. But could an Agri ODE – bringing farming related datasets and programmes on an interconnected digital platform – help set the foundations for the sustained prosperity of India’s small farmer? Read on.

Also in the newsletter, read about a roadmap to unlock Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) in government, learn about the global conversation on digital public infrastructure, and understand the power of the Account Aggregators in driving financial inclusion.

Varad Pande
Partner, Omidyar Network India