ODE Updates: Volume XI

| 24 November 2022

Going Green through Open Tech

In this workshop for UNDP, Dr. Pramod Varma – Chief Architect of IndiaStack – breaks down India’s journey in building DPI and outlines principles that can help build such systems for tackling climate change.

Catch the World Bank Group (WBG) at COP27, where participants emphasize that for a green digital transformation, countries must seek to embrace emerging technologies for advancing climate adaptation and mitigation efforts in a sustainable and safe manner.

Take a look at the Climate Action Data Trust, which collects real-time carbon project data from multiple sources through secure, decentralized digital infrastructure.

Check out the work of POC 21, an international innovation community that leverages open-source to realize a fossil free, zero-waste society.

In this reportDPGA, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and World Meteorological Organization (WMO) call for making climate datasets open and freely available as digital public goods so as to advance climate change adaptation efforts

Further reading:

In this paper for ORF’s ‘Digital Frontiers’ compendium, Kriti MittalVarad Pande, and Aishwarya Viswanathan emphasize looking beyond the ‘tech’ aspects of digital public infrastructure to how it interacts with users is critical for ensuring effective service delivery.

In this article for the Hindu Business Line, Anand Trivedi and Aishwarya Viswanathan highlight how ‘open digital ecosystems’ can help tap into streams of data in real time and thereby bolster efforts to drive evidence-based policymaking.